Hiro Birthday fan project

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On January 25th, the fans of the Japanese rock band My First Story will celebrate the birthday of the singer : Hiro ! Pachi Pachi Project is collaborating with the French fanbase : My First Story - France fanbase, Pachi Pachi is taking in charge the management of an international fan project to celebrate together Hiro's birthday.




The Projects

This time, we propose you 3 projects : 
- The Message video
- Sharing of your fanarts
- A common Hashtag

The video Message

We will gather all your messages in a video. You can send us a video of you leaving a message, a photo + a message or a simple message. Hiro should understand simple English but if you want, we can translate your messages into Japanese. 

The message: you can talk about whatever you want, but the message should be quite short and you should think of wishing him a happy birthday ^^.


Format :
For videos:  Preferably the video should be taken in portrait format and be sent in .mp4 or .avi . The video should be short preferably less than 10s.

For Photos: You can send the photo of your choice as long as it remains morally acceptable. If you don't want to show your face, you can attach a picture of your MFS collection, your city or anything else that represents you. Don't forget that you can attach a message to the photo.

For messages: You can send a short message to put on the video. Feel free to write the message in Japanese or English. If you want, we can translate the message into Japanese.


How to participate: 

You can send us your video/photo/message by email: pachipachiproject@gmail.com or on Facebook.
Remember to tell us your : 
Name or Nickname + Country

The Fanarts

Your fanarts will be shared on Instagram and in a Twitter Thread. You can attach a message, description or any other comment.
Messages must be in Japanese or English. (We can help with translation)

Drawings, paintings, digital art are allowed. If you want to share a video or other media feel free to contact us by email. 

How to participate: 
You can send us your fan art by email: pachipachiproject@gmail.com or on Facebook.
Remember to indicate your: Name/First name or Nickname + Country

The Hashtag

In order to gather all your tweets and Instagram posts in one place. We suggest you to use a common Hashtag. It will also be easier for Hiro to read your posts if they are all in one place.

Suggested Hashtag: #Hiro_BD #Hiro生誕祭

Don't hesitate to tag him in your posts. Even if he will have a lot of messages that day, he often reads the posts where he is notified.

Hiro's Instagram : @hiro_mfs_official 

Important information:

- We will indicate the name or nickname + country of the participants.
- We are not native Japanese speakers; there may be mistakes in our posts, but we will have as many texts as possible checked by Japanese people.
- You can ask us to see the video before publishing it.
- We will share the video on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. 
- We are not in contact with the members. So we can't tell you if Hiro has seen your message


You can contact us at any time by email : pachipachiproject@gmail.com or on Facebook.